IO1– Methodology creative and innovative (EIA)

  • NEED: learn how to work in isolated spaces

Objective: Develop a new methodology creative and innovative

  • The methodology clarifies the way of learning, also defined as a system of practices and procedures that a teacher uses to teach. Work on digital competences and how to apply them to the arts field. How to learn is one of the most important challenges for teachers, even when in most scenarios it is natural or intuitive. The human being learns simply by exposure but sometimes needs some extra motivation.

  • The methodology is active, flexible, social, funny and it includes the technological support. The project is in charge of systematically creating educational innovation, then we need to develop a new methodology that allows us to produce, organize and encourage new ideas repeatedly: transform ideas into tangible real results.

  • There are different ways of learning, and therefore we will take care of:

    – Learning styles

    – Gamification

    – Technology ICT tools

IO2– Curriculum of creativity and innovation in isolated spaces

  • NEED: learn by following a structured work plan

Objective: Develop a new curriculum of creativity and innovation in isolated spaces.

  • Curriculum development is it defines the contents that have to be trained to improve the competences of the target groups and that we will offer at the end of the project.

  • Innovative teaching techniques and strategies (such as gamification or blended learning) are constantly being devised in order to improve the learning experience. A plan in place for acknowledging these shifts and then be able to implement them in a new innovative curriculum

  • Includes new forms of practical training and study of real-life cases in fake news, also explores new forms of learning and providing education and training, notably strategic use of open and flexible learning, virtual mobility, open educational resources and better exploitation of the ICT potential.

IO3– On-line course of creativity and innovation in isolated spaces

  • This IO is the last project activity which lead to the achievement of the project objectives and delivery of the planned results.

  • Audio-visual material of training in digital and entrepreneurship skills for artists. This IO will be the application of the innovative curriculum and the innovative methodology in a EOR (educative open resource). Once it has both elements, you have to create something that you can use and that you can apply in a practical way to prove the effectiveness of the theoretical principles.

  • This course will be a collection of contents, expressed by digital support in an audio-visual format.

    – Introduction to the course: creation and innovation in the cultural sector

    – Curriculum for artists: what’s needed?

    – Digital competences applied to the cultural sector

    – Entrepreneurship skills applied to the cultural sector

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