ZID is a cultural organisation that produces performances and festivals, carry outs projects together with art professionals and citizens. The organisation was founded and is led by theatre makers Karolina Spaic and Sebo Bakker. Since 2015, theatre maker Daan Bosch has joined the artistic core team. ZID attaches great importance to working and exchanging experiences internationally and has toured in various countries. ZID has received several awards including, in 2012, the ‘Appeltje van Oranje’, an annual award of the Royal Dutch Foundation. ZID has its own working method that transforms current social issues into artistic processes with a broad group of participants from different target groups. It specialised in talent development and connecting vulnerable target groups of people of the society by empowering them through their own strength and talent. Zid works in various domains: art & culture, care, social entrepreneurs, education, the security sector.

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